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On-Demand Course: Booty Basics

New to anal? Curious and ready to explore? Don’t miss this on-demand one-hour course full of anal enlightenment. The class will discuss ever-important warm-up techniques, the secret tip-in, and finding booty pleasure without venturing past your backdoor! This class will also cover:

  • Roadblocks to anal pleasure
  • Is it really possible for anal to feel good?
  • The best products and toys to take you to the next level!

Each class comes with a 20% off coupon code good for online or in-store.

Brief Intro to Anal with Dr. Celeste Holbrook

What’s the difference between plugs and beads? How should you get started with anal play? What’s the NUMBER 1 thing you need to know about anal toys? Watch the above video before you get started!!

Communication Tools

Communication is sexy. Download these free communication tools as you explore safe and exciting anal play!